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Revitol Cellulite Cream Review


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Overall Score: 84/100
Price: $39.95

revitol cellulite solutionRevitol is popular for being the second most effective anti-cellulite cream being sold in the market. The cream targets cellulites with the combination of two of its most potent ingredients. It contains Retinol A and caffeine. Retinol A effectively firms up the skin and makes the connective tissues stronger. Caffeine is the common ingredient used in most anti-cellulite creams because it helps in reducing the appearance of cellulites.

Having used the product for some weeks I can say there had been some changes in the appearance of my skin. I can attest that it is safe to use because I did not experience any adverse effects.

On the website the product claims:

- That it is applied easily
- Contains only natural ingredients
- The product helps in the reduction of dimpled skin due to cellulites
- The formula works for both sexes
- If you get the 6 bottle package, you get 2 bottles for free

The following are based on my own experience:


  1. Applies easily.
  2. No messy residue after it is applied.
  3. Has a pleasant smell.
  4. Has no tingling effect on skin.
  5. Created from natural ingredients.
  6. More affordable than other cellulite creams.
  7. No adverse effects.
  8. Satisfactory money back guarantee.


  1. One tube won’t last long.
  2. The effects of the cream is not long lasting.

Visit the website for Revitol Cellulite Solution Website

Conclusion: In my opinion, the best cream is still Dermology cellulite treatment cream. If you are not satisfied with this product, Revitol is definitely your next best bet. What makes it really attractive is the money back guarantee which makes this a safe product to try without any risks.

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