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Procellix Review


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ProcellixThis is one of the cream that I found that actually worked. I used this cream for 2 ½ weeks and I am starting to see and feel that my skin is improving. My friends even noticed that my legs looked firmer and smoother. I applied Procellix religiously to my problem areas. I use Procellix in the morning and before going to bed. I make sure that I apply the cream in a circular motion to allow it to do its work well.

Procellix is known for its patented delivery system. It is not only for cellulite but it also makes your skin appear smoother and firmer. Caffeine, one of the key ingredients of this product, works on the spot by breaking fat cells and making skin appear smoother and firmer. It is actually the one responsible for dehydrating the target area. Another key ingredient is Aminophylline, which is a chemical compound commonly used in inhalable asthma medicine and it is said to convert fat into heat. It works by stimulating the enzymes in the skin to remove cellulite.

Sage Extract, the key ingredient in boosting circulation works by eliminating cellulite deposits in problem areas. On the other hand Guarana Extract, is responsible for cellulite reduction as well as weight loss. Guarana Extract is known to contain caffeine, and it has seven times higher caffeine content than that of coffee beans.


  1. Safe and effective
  2. Using it at least twice a day will give you visible effects in two weeks
  3. Makes the skin look firmer and smoother.


  1. Expensive
  2. Allergic reactions

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Conclusion: As we all know the effect of each skin care product is different for everyone. But one thing is for sure, you will see visible results with Procellix in a month or less. Patience is very important. And using Procellix religiously will surely show visible effects. Not only can it make cellulite less visible, it also acts as a lotion, which helps in keeping your skin soft, smooth and firmer in no time.

Also, for people who are hesitating to spend much on beauty products, Procellix is on the expensive side, but it can do wonders for your skin. Another reason why this is not my best product is that it may cause allergic reactions to your skin. It is better to consult your dermatologist before using this cream.

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