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Celluless Review


Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Overall Score: 38/100
Price: $30.99

Celluless ReviewCelluless is a simple device with a suction cup on the end. The idea of the Celluless device is that the suction cup acts as a sort of vacuum that sucks out toxins and excess fat in the body through sweating. It is also said to stimulate and improve blood flow, leaving your skin supple and firm.

This cellulite treatment device can be purchased from online stores like Amazon, Ebay and is also available from their website.

After further research, we found out that the company offers a free 14-day trial but users will pay the $15 shipping and handling fee. In the case of Celluless, 14 days is not enough to test how effective it is in reducing the appearance of cellulite. This device can make the skin softer, smoother and firmer, but apart from that, there is nothing special about it in terms of removing cellulite.


  1. The product leaves the skin feeling smooth and firm.
  2. No harmful side effects will be seen, as it is not taken orally nor directly applied onto the skin.
  3. The company offers 1 month free supply of firming and soothing oil that costs $30.


  1. The product can only be found and ordered online.
  2. The “free” trial that the website offers charges customers $14.95 for shipping.
  3. No clinical study has been done in order to prove the effectiveness of the product.
  4. The product itself is very pricey and costs around $40 to $120 dollars per unit.
  5. The suction effect of this cellulite treatment device is a little bit painful and it not that effective.
  6. Website is not working well.

What other users say:

I have not seen much difference that this device is supposed to create. I would say, save your money…doesn’t work well. – J. Traver

This item is a piece of garbage. After very first use, I had huge black bruises all over my legs. They were very painful and did not heal for at least 3 weeks, that is how bad they were. – Gordana

I bought this product recently and I love it! It massages and tightens the skin. – Erika

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Conclusion: While it is always good to be open to other options, products such as this one prove that sometimes, it is good to stick to what is familiar to you. Celluless seemed like a new and innovative way to get rid of cellulite, but it ended up being another one of those products that fail to deliver results. Another negative thing about it is the fact that its price was around $40 to $120 (not inclusive of shipping costs). You could definitely get better results with cheap and inexpensive creams! I would not recommend trying this product at all. Instead, I would recommend using a tried and tested method of cellulite treatment.

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